System Alliance Europe again walks along the direction of growth

Business developed successfully in 2006

The partners of the groupage network founded two years ago have closed the business year 2006 with a significant increase in consignment quantities and turnover. The number of European groupage consignments rose by some 11 percent from 9.2 to 10.2 million. The corresponding total weight increased from 9.8 to 11.7 million tons. The forwarding companies achieved a total of 8.6 billion Euro turnover worldwide. The partners also gained importance on the labour market offering jobs to more than 40,000 employees.

Economic and structural growth account for part of the success

According to System Alliance Europe the upward trend is on the one hand based upon the following growth factors: The partners profit from the general economic upswing which led to a boom on the general cargo market. Growth also rests upon structural changes within the network. 9 additional partners have been admitted to the cooperation since June 2006. In this process the company's presence was extended to another 3 European countries.

By the admission of partners in Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania System Alliance Europe has drawn closer to its aim of being represented all over Europe. The network now covers a total of 46 partners with 155 branches in 21 countries.

Quality attracts customers

On the other hand the advancement of the quality management and the network in general accounts for an increasing number of customer and orders. The customers profit from high quality standards which are monitored by internal evaluation procedures. Services such as the tracking and tracing system CargoTrack or the electronic archiving of delivery proofs with online access correspond to the needs of long-time customers and also attract new ones. At the same time the partners of System Alliance Europe combine the strength of a European cargo network with the advantages of a local hero.

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