Hellmann establishes new loading technology for complete vehicle transportation between Asia and Europe

Osnabrueck, February 20th, 2017. With increasing railway transportation between Europe and Asia, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is expanding its competence further in single-container traffic.

In October 2016, Hellmann took over the transport of more than 200 luxury cars for a renowned manufacturer from the West German Ruhr Area to Chongqing, China. The decisive factor for transporting with Hellmann was the secured runtime of 21 days by train from pick-up to delivery to the customer’s Chinese partner in Chongqing. The rail runtime corresponds exactly to the customer's requirements – a maximum delivery period of 8 weeks from production.

Hellmann transported the vehicles via the terminal Duisburg in five trains, especially chartered for the vehicle manufacturer. Hellmann took over the complete handling from pick-up in the Ruhr Area, loading into containers, and delivery of the vehicles in Chongqing including local customs inspection.

Since 2015, Hellmann has established three automotive competence centers for loading complete vehicles in Germany and the Netherlands. At the Hellmann sites in Duisburg, Rosendaal, and Augsburg, highly qualified experts ensure the loading of 40 to 60 luxury cars per day using a custom-made loading technology.

For the transportation of vehicles for a well-known OEM from South Germany to West China, Hellmann utilizes the so-called RACKs. This special loading technology allows parking two cars on top of each other in a 40-foot HQ container via a special lifting device. Thus, four vehicles, in total, can be stored in a 40-foot HQ container. In the luxury segment, it is extremely important that the vehicles arrive at the destination in perfect condition and within a short period of time as a sign of exclusive service.

"Last year, we invested a lot in training our staff, establishing several automotive competence centers in Europe, and also in the special equipment we use," said Ralf Heersma-Plattner, branch manager of the Hellmann Internationale Spedition, Augsburg. "Because the Ruhr Area and Augsburg are within easy reach of our competence center in the Netherlands, we can offer a special advantage in the pre-carriage to the terminal as well as to Duisburg and Nuremberg.

The automotive containers are constantly being monitored by special GPS devices, which immediately trigger an alarm and report it to the Rail Competence Center should the transport deviate from the defined route or when the doors are opened. Additionally, temperature and humidity in the containers are also monitored.

Hellmann not only regularly transports luxury and upper class vehicles, but also medium-class cars from well-known German automobile manufacturers by train to China. With its own network in Germany and China, Hellmann offers all services from a single source. During the entire process along the supply chain to China, a single contact person is available for inquiries regarding customs clearance in Germany, transportation or import customs clearance as well as inspection in China. Hellmann works with dedicated key account operators at the Competence Centers in Osnabrueck and Augsburg to organize, control and monitor the entire process chain. Thereby, Hellmann creates a further reliable way of supplying the markets.

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