New Steering Committee

Steering Committee System Alliance Europe 2018

Picture from left: W. Konzett, F. Zuidgeest, C. Frachet, M. Haas, O. Rüter, J. Wolpert, U. Meyer & M. Magnor (absent G. van Dessel and S. Peters)

A new Steering Committee was elected at the Shareholder Assembly of the System Alliance Europe Partnership GbR. For the next two years, the following gentlemen form the committee: 

Name     First nameCompany
FrachetCédric Groupe Heppner 
Haas ManfredStreck Transport AG 
KonzettWalter Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. 
MagnorMatthiasHellmann Worldwide Logistics Road and Rail GmbH & Co. KG
PetersStephanRhenus Freight Logistics GmbH & Co. KG
RüterOliverL.W. Cretschmar GmbH & Co. KG 
van DesselGuidoH. Essers 
WolpertJürgenFriedrich Zufall GmbH & Co. KG 

Mainfreight Europe


In the first meeting, O. Rüter was confirmed as Chairman of the Steering Committee for another period. Frans Zuidgeest was elected as deputy. Rüter to his re-election: "I am glad to be able to continue the work. We are facing major strategic challenges. The attractiveness as the leading European cooperation will have to be significantly optimized for the benefit of our customers."

Rüter continues "The network is changing, we will be able to develop very quickly. In January 2018, we will have completely migrated our digital processing to the new IT platform "Log-IT 2020". 

The realignment will provide us with timely and future-oriented offers for our customers as well as the partners of System Alliance Europe." First concepts are to be developed in specially created innovation circles.

At present, the cooperation consists of 59 partners, which are represented in 32 European countries with 193 branches.


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