Big Changes Ahead for System Alliance Europe

• Cargo network consolidates its forces as a registered cooperative • Bold strategy of digital innovation refined • Master plan to be adopted in Q2 2021

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Düsseldorf, February 01, 2021—System Alliance Europe (SAE), established in 2005, is reorganizing as a registered cooperative under German law (eG) with the aim of empowering its existing partners and attracting new ones. A core component of this change in legal structure is a refined IT strategy through which the European cargo network is further digitizing its network processes.

“In the coming months, we will be implementing a comprehensive suite of organizational, technological, and procedural changes that will optimize our response to the challenges of tomorrow’s market,” promises Oliver Rüter, Chairman of the Executive Board of System Alliance Europe eG, who is also a Managing Partner at SAE system partner Cretschmar Süd. “Our members, unlike those in other networks, are free to set their own prices and rates and build their own networks within the cooperative,” notes Rüter, highlighting the unique selling points of the model.

New technologies in the SAE network
SAE’s leaders met late last year to adopt a variety of measures that will serve as milestones for the network’s path forward. Walter Konzett, Director of Land Transport at Gebrüder Weiss and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAE, offers his perspective: “At the very heart of our strategy is the issue of transparency. Some of our members are genuine trailblazers in the digital age. Our goal is to ensure that the SAE network benefits from these proven technologies as well. With this optimized platform economy, we want to attract more partners and offer our customers a modern shopping experience.”

The owner-operated SAE Agency GmbH—which has been administering, coordinating, and managing the platform—will rebrand itself and remain involved with the new cooperative as an independent service provider responsible primarily for IT issues. “We expect the new form of partnership to yield greater agility and independence, benefiting the business interests of all service partners. We will also offer our services to a broader customer base and apply our diverse background in logistics to new developments,” add Uwe Meyer, Managing Partner of the Agency.

Real-time communication
On this year’s agenda for System Alliance Europe: Taking SAE’s proprietary partner platform “Log-IT” to the next level. Log-IT is critical to ensuring the smooth exchange of data and controlling all logistical and administrative processes among the network partners and their customers. “Our customers are connected to the entire world of System Alliance Europe data through a single interface,” explains Rüter. The platform currently manages some four million shipments annually. The purpose of the partnership is to help Log-IT evolve technologically, offer a broader range of functions, and automate to a greater degree.

The second quarter of this year should see the adoption of the master plan that will define the phases and objectives of System Alliance Europe’s development in the years ahead.

About System Alliance Europe
System Alliance Europe eG (SAE) is a cooperative cargo network of 45 medium-sized owner-operated transport and logistics providers with a total of 44,000 employees and 144 locations in 29 countries throughout Europe. SAE was founded in 2005 in Wallenhorst, Germany. In 2020, network members moved nearly four million shipments and a total of 1.5 million metric tons of consolidated freight. System Alliance Europe uses standardized processes, a centralized quality and security management concept, scalable logistics services, and comprehensive business intelligence to guide the customer journey along the entire supply chain. At the heart of the international logistics network is SAE’s own Log-IT platform, which uses real-time data to deliver cross-enterprise, end-to-end digital collaboration between SAE partners and their customers. SAE is guided by a core philosophy of flexibility, agility, and scalability to meet the complex logistical challenges of customers in the European marketplace.

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About System Alliance Europe Agency
System Alliance Europe Agency GmbH is an owner-operated provider of digital logistics services. The Log-IT platform it developed in partnership with SAE helped optimize many processes in European land transport. SAE Agency was the first provider to organize a logistics business model of this scale on a cloud-based infrastructure. Developments in recent years have made SAE Agency’s expertise invaluable both to the SAE network and to its individual partners with their own networks. In addition to collaboration and network management, SAE Agency offers a wide range of consulting services with a focus on data integration, communication platforms, data protection, information security, and defined logistics services such as clearing and archiving.

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